Visit GREECE and Just Live it!

What a backdrop for an event!

Greece: the land of gods and goddesses, the cradle of western civilisation, the origin of drama, history and philosophy and the birthplace of democracy.

Greece: passion, people, beauty, food, wine, sunshine.

Greece: venues, infrastructure, sophistication, innovation, imagination and professionalism.

We have it all! With an enormous variety of destinations Greece is the ultimate choice to ensure that your event is the best possible solution to your brief. With our extensive local knowledge and contacts, throughout both the islands and the mainland, we are uniquely set up to create events that draw on the exceptional beauty and cultural heritage of Greece while delivering what you require.


Vibrant and open for business 24/7. Athens can offer venues that are ancient or modern; it can offer accommodation that is boutique or ultra chic; it can offer cuisine that is traditional or nouvelle and it’s a city that never tires of extending a welcome to its visitors. After all, Athenian hospitality is as old as Zeus!

Pylos - Costa Navarino

The prime sustainable destination in the Meditteranean, located in the region of Messinia southwest Peloponesse. A well known area for its luxury resorts and its memorable events, cutting edge facilities.


The largest island in Greece, Crete is a feast for the senses: wild natural beauty and thousands of years of culture, history and exquisite cuisine mixed with superb state of the art venues and superior accommodation: Crete simply has it all!


Magically curved around the imposing Caldera, Santorini is one of the most fascinating, mysterious and awesome destinations in the world. The hotels and venues range from the traditional to some of the most sophisticated and luxurious in Greece, making it one of the best choices for a unique event.


The jewel of Dodecanese Islands combining cosmopolitan ambience with a supreme natural landscape. Whether you are searching for buzzing nightlife or want a culture-vulture historical and architectural journey through past civilisations; whether you want a city centre or a beautiful coastal location, Rhodes has it all.


This iconic, idyllic Greek island is famous throughout the world. Whether they know it or not, Mykonos is the island most people think of when they think of Greece! Not only is it beautiful it is vibrant, hedonistic and cosmopolitan. Mykonos is the island that never sleeps!


Corfu, Kerkyra for the locals, was given the name of the Emerald Island, because is the greenest of all the Greek islands. Corfu’s natural beauty is hidden under a cloak of emerald green, with a mountainous skyline plunging into the bluest of blue waters!


Thessaloniki is a vibrant destination that is full of surprises! Being a unique mosaic of different cultures and civilizations, Thessaloniki will offer you a wonderful travel experience. The cuisine and culture reflect its multicultural history while the city’s intense nightlife will surprise you!