Sustainability starts with us!

Our personal values, intentions, our way of seeing the world and our way of interacting with others is infused in our business practices.

At Vista Events DMC we have gone Green setting sustainable objectives for each event ie. recycling, carbon emissions, food waste reduction, plastic reduction, local products use etc.

In 2020 we won the Gold Award  at the Best Greek Sustainable Event Management Company category at the Greek Hospitality Awards.

We can work together to create a sustainable itinerary incorporating innovative activities that embody sustainable travel practices. We have a range of suppliers to help you create a totally green event!


Food waste

We encourage planning the menu with locally sourced food ingredients. Furthermore, our catering suppliers have formed partnerships that allow them to donate excess meals to staff and local soup kitchens.


Non plastic Alternatives

We encourage re-useable water bottles, coffee cups, biodegradable straws or food wrappings and wine bottles with natural cork stoppers.


Venues & Hotels

We include in our proposals venues and hotels that are committed to Green Energy, using automated motion lighting, automated heating and cooling systems and also have a plastic reduction scheme.


Carbon Emissions

We can provide solutions to offset & compensate for the carbon emissions produced during the event.



Our bus company is awarded for its implementation of Cost Reduction Technologies, while we offer many eco friendly transportation options for your event.